SPIRIT OF REFORMATION INITIATIVE is a youth ministry geared towards changing the lives of young people through the authentic teaching of God’s word, a lifestyle of worship and the demonstration of the Spirit.

The vision was birthed when our founder shared with a few friends on the need for young people to gather together in a camp format where they can be taught, trained and empowered by the ministry of the Spirit. The vision came to live in 2009 with friends coming together and co-hosting the first ever Spirit of Reformation Youth Camp in 2009 at Nehemiah Group of Schools, Ukuokoko, near Warri, Delta State. Now in its 7th edition, the camp has been hosted annually.


Priority is given to the ministry of word with the aim to teach and establish the youths in the reality of God’s word. Morning sessions are dedicated times of full immersion in the word of God.

During camp meetings, a substantial part of the daily programme is allocated to various workshops. Previous workshops have included – Wealth Creation, Music, Entrepreneurship, School of Ministry, Girls talk, Boys talk, Leadership and National development etc.

Using sports as a team building, bonding and capacity enhancing tool, Sunday afternoons and evenings are fully dedicated to sport activities. Medals are won by various “houses”. It is such a fun-filled part of the camp.

In collaboration with the host of In His Presence Worship events, the last night of every camp is dedicated to passionate unscripted worship. See our photo gallery of pictures from previous worship nights.

God provides for the ministry through the generosity of our Partners and Friends. The lord spoke to us in camp 2016 to take the limitations off, as we inquired of Him, He was referring to the registrations, so that young people everywhere can be part of the camp. The instruction was to trust God for partners, who will respond to the instructions and directions of the Lord and give willingly to enable us reach more young people in our camp meetings.

“I really want to say a BIG THANK YOU SIR for the opportunity to experience SORI once again! Cash (Money) could have been a challenge but it wasn’t. Thank you Sir.. it is a privilege. God Bless you sir. ~ E. Johnson

Though your partnership we can get more young people to experience the transforming power of God in our camp meetings.

Spirit of Reformation Initiative

Account No: 2016439016

Bankers: First Bank.

Maxwell E. Ogaga is a second generation minister and is currently the International Administrator of

God’s Kingdom Advancement Ministries, In 2012 he relocated his family to pioneer a new ministry project in Southern Nigeria. He founded Kingdom Development Christian Centre in Bonny Island as a new regional Apostolic hub of God’s Kingdom Advancement Ministries.

Maxwell travels extensively, teaching believers and raising a new breed of leaders on the platform of Seminars, Conferences and Apostolic Meeting. He also oversees the development of the leaders across the multifaceted operations of GKAM.

Maxwell operates under the oversight of his biological and spiritual father Dr David O. Ogaga – the team leader of God’s Kingdom Advancement Ministries. Maxwell is married to his lovely wife Mary, and they are blessed with two children – Charis Ray and Zarah Adel.